These Poisoned Days

These poisoned days Breathe fire with hollow sighs And whispers of disappointment Burning all over with cursory glances- Yet the fingers are icy- icicles Smudging the pages of an existence that was Carved- so perfectly Because the light is gone, I don’t know why! — These poisoned days watch lifeblood trickle Down The streets with […]

Vegetarianism And How I Recovered From EDNOS (… Almost.)

This post is about my decision to become vegetarian/pescetarian. Here’s a list of common reasons why people cut out meat from their diet: 1) Ethical – Love of animals, stance against factory farming, respect for sentient life, belief in peace, etc. 2) Environmental – conservation of fossil fuels, water conservation, efficient use of grains, saving […]

The Truth About The Shitty Advice They Give For Coping With School

As a sixteen year old kid in Singapore juggling schoolwork, schoolwork, national exams, and more schoolwork, while struggling to keep up the pretense of a ‘social life’, and making total mental health, you can say my arms are full. Obviously, I’m not the only student who struggles with this, and we’ve all been given really […]