5 Questions Vegetarians Are Sick Of Hearing

Thought Catalog

I was at a dinner party on the weekend where I was presented with a set menu of meat, meat with a side of meat. Hoping to go unnoticed with my fellow guests, I whispered my ever recycled line to the waiter “Sorry to be a pain, but I’m vegetarian…”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get away with it and had to endure the usual barrage of questions. Because, you know, it’s totally not rude or annoying to ask strangers about their personal eating habits…

I’m sure that every vegetarian out there can relate – the five questions and comments we are sick and tired of being interrogated with at every social event.

I’ve included my responses, however please note that vegetarians choose to abstain from meat consumption for a variety of reasons, these are simply my personal beliefs.

#1 “Why are you vegetarian?”

Well, when I was about four years old…

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