20 Little Ways To Buy Happiness For Less Than 10 Bucks

Thought Catalog

1. Buy the coffee you really want.

… not the homeless latté you fix up at the milk bar so you don’t blow your whole paycheck on a coffee habit, but the extra-large, extra-whip, 5 pump hazelnut with two extra shots. Doing this one day a week might be a little extravagant, but hey, sometimes you need that.
COST: $6

2. Alternatively, order the pastry that’s calling your name from behind the glass case.

I’m still convinced my coworker is being sponsored by the almond croissant industry to hawk their wares, but pick your poison and ask for it on a plate. Take a few extra minutes to sit down with it (and your fancy coffee with all them bells and whistles) and really savor that…

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