Personal Growth

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, and so much has happened since then. For starters, I completed my O Levels, and don’t have anything to study for, and in fact I got my results back last month and did pretty well, so that’s a relief thiin more ways than one in terms of progression […]


i feel like i’m drinking paint sometimes. thick, mushy, swirly- i know that we all are. — yours seems so diluted sometimes. i ball up envy and fear rolling over each other — my sighs are echoing through the house again. heavy breaths that float through doors and whisper regret.


i’m not sleeping. properly too busy handling the night calls. my silhouette casts soft shadows all over the wooden of my floor. my gut vibrates miserably again knees weak, shaking like a leaf. everything swirls and swirls and swirls- don’t wake me up please. i’m not sleeping. properly- too busy answering the night calls. too […]

When We’re Busy Being Broken

when chair legs scratch us when dried lips become the better of us when we’re falsely lighting the end of us suck it in- empty, strong, flowing– to the currents, all over in my veins, my beating blood when we close our eyes and inhale ragged breaths, choking ghosts slip surreptitiously down our cheeks- — […]